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Comprehensive personalised financial planning from a professional financial planner or adviser is really valuable. But not everyone wants it, not everyone can afford it and sometimes we just need someone to help guide us.

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Financial guidance with ease
Finito is a fast and easy portal that provides access to verified financial professionals you can trust.
Finito’s guided user journey will help you determine your financial priorities and answer your key questions.
• No more 'hot tips' from your know-it-all friends and family.
• Forget about institutions trying to sell you their own products.
• Retire the YouTube binge sessions looking for 'get rich quick' hacks.
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Seeking Guidance
Looking for financial guidance? If so then you’d know there’s not just limited access to quality resources, but a lack of trust in the advice available. And let’s not get started on the cost.
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Financial Professionals
You got into finance because you wanted to help people, but aren't you tired of how hard it's become to do that?

Enter Finito.
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Deliver financial wellbeing to your people. Everyone has concerns about their financial situation these days. We know that you care about your people, and their financial lives.
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Work with an existing corporate partner, or let Finito source the ideal corporate partner for your non-profit to help those experiencing financial difficulty within your supporter base.
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Our Values
Our Purpose
Financial Empowerment For Every Human On The Planet
Our Niche
Sharing financial wisdom through the intersection of technology, community and expertise
Our 10 year target - impacting 10M people across 10 countries
Pro bono work
Our commitment
Finito aims to support all people seeking financial freedom, even those that cannot afford it. We work with key corporates and strategic partners to unlock pro bono financial assistance to those that need it most. Through our network of over 1,100 charity partners, we are helping those experiencing financial difficulty.
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