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Work with an existing corporate partner, or let Finito source the ideal corporate partner for your non-profit to help those experiencing financial difficulty within your supporter base. Australian businesses are putting a greater and greater emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR), yet many organisations cannot identify an effective way to utilise this budget and make a real difference.

This is where Finito steps in to connect these businesses with non-profits like yours, and allocate CSR funds to assist less advantaged people to achieve financial freedom. Best of all, this partnership costs you nothing, and only offers benefits for your audience.

A Finito Account Manager can work with you to assign a corporate partner, and determine the best donor engagement strategy.

Contributor Package
How it works:
Impact tracking- Quarterly Reports- Dedicated Account Manager
Package features:
  • Work with your existing charity partner or let Finito source a charity partner for you.
  • Determine your budget and how many people you want to support.
  • Finito works with charity to engage their donor base and connect verified people to the financial guidance they need.

    E.g. a dedicated 1-on-1 appointment (valued at $180 each) with a verified financial professional x 100 recipients = $18,000 investment in supporting less advantaged people in need of financial advice.
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