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Deliver financial wellbeing to your people.

Deliver financial wellbeing to your people. Everyone has concerns about their financial situation these days. As an employer, we know that you care about your people, and their financial lives.

People deliver better outcomes for the business when their personal financial lives are in order. Finito provides easy, tech driven, cost-effective access to financial experts and solutions for your staff.

A Finito Account Manager can work with you to determine the best package for your organisation.

Delivery options.
Ideal for businesses with <20 staff
Package features include:
  • Pre-launch financial health check
  • Dedicated financial guidancesession for each staff member p/a
  • Business-wide access to HUB
  • Access to Masterclass sessions
  • Access to Finito‚Äôs financial Tools
  • Staff insights and analytics
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Ideal for businesses with 100+ staff
Package features include:
  • All Kickstarter + Elevate plus;
  • White-labelled platform and staff engagement dashboard
  • Dedicated online and in-person financial coaching sessions
  • Curated finance courses for staff, based on what they need
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The platform your staff will access.
The dashboard
Your staff can track all of their finance activity on Finito in one place via their personalised dashboard.
Finance scorecard
Take our Finance Checkup to understand their personal financial scorecard, which will highlight the areas they need to focus on.
Your appointments
Your staff can stay on top of their upcoming appointments with our appointment management software.
Flexible schedule
Book appointments instantly around their busy schedule.
Note taking
Never miss any key discussion points during their appointments, thanks to Finito's note taking feature.
Be a contributor
Support a charity partner
Work with an existing charity partner, or let Finito source the ideal non-profit partner for your organisation to support from our network of over 1,000 charity organisations, helping those experiencing financial difficulty. Non-profits typically have large numbers of the people that they support requiring good financial advice, so rather than simply donating to a charity or cause, be in control of how your funds are utilised and can be accessed.A Finito Account Manager can work with you to determine the best donor engagement number for your organisation.
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Contributor Package
How it works:
1. Work with your existing charity partner or let Finito source a charity partner for you.

2. Determine your budget and how many people you want to support

3. Work with charity to engage their donor base and connect these people to the financial advice they need.
E.g. $200 financial advice session x 100 recipients = $20,000 investment in supporting less advantaged people in need of financial advice.
How it works:
- Impact tracking
- Quarterly Reports
- Dedicated Account Manage
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